Date: 19th October 2016
Injection Sampling DBB Ball Valve
DBB Ball ValveEach DBB Ball Valve manufactured by huachao valves has good quality. We have manufactured and distributed more than 30000 of these units worldwide,Website:http://www.huachao-valves.com, and worked with some of the large oil and gas projects in the world. We offer our innovative DBB solution on a variety of our valves, including forged Double Block and Bleeds, instrument Double Block and Bleed?s injection and sampling Double Block and Bleed?s.Hot tags: Double Block Bleed Valve, China, mill, manufacturer, supplier, factory, wholesale, cheap?Injection Sampling DBB Ball ValveHuachao offer both Sampling and Injection Valves with our innovative designs, you?ll easily be able to sample the process stream, and inject chemicals and other media into the process stream, with a variety of different nozzles, our sampling and injection valves can directly integrate into any new or existing oil, gas and petrochemical project.Material: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Duplex steelNozzle Types: sampling injection and injection swirl patternFlange Dimensions: ANSI 16.5 Flange DimensionsSpindle: Anti-blow out spindleValve features: Needle Valve Features non-rotating, anti-galling tipPressure rating: class 150?class 2500Temperature: -46?-450?